Product / Software / Service / Feature Comparison Chart  




Sell Worldpac Products to Canada   
Unlimited Monthly Transactions Included   
Free Unlimited Phone Support*   
Unique Catalog Layout (so your site isn't like everyone else's)   
Product Detail Pages with Photo Galleries   
Extended Product Description Pages   
Immediate Automatic Order Placement at Worldpac  
Ability to Intercept Order Placement at Worldpac  
Will-Call Transactions   
Unlimited Additional Catalogs for non-Worldpac Products   
Point-and-Click Catalog Editing   
Point-and-Click Vehicle Matching   
Point-and-Click Category Tree Editing    
Merge non-Worldpac Products into Worldpac Catalog   
Free Product Image Gallery for non-Worldpac Parts   
Point-and-Click List Price Margin Adjustability   
Point-and-Click Sales Tax Rules   
Allow Different Shipping Methods Per Line Item   
Easy-to-Use, Point-and-Click Administration Area   
Multiple Pricing Tiers with Point-and-Click Pricing Rules   
Assign Different Pricing Tiers to Different Customers   
Daily Web Site and Visitor Statistics  
Ability to Use Any Merchant Account - No Additional Fees   
Ability to Accept PayPal Payments  
Worldpac Preferred Vendor Support   
$1,500 Off Worldpac Access Fees   
Free Unlimited Email Accounts  
Free Web Based Email Access  
Servers Located at Genuine Data Center   
Backup Servers Online and Running 24/7   
Backup VPN Connections to Worldpac (fail over)   
Servers Running on Reliable Linux Servers   
No Sales People.  Only Qualified Programmers.   
Free Objective Advice on How To Market Your Web Site   
* You will receive unlimited phone support on all aspects of our software with the exception of bulk importation of non-Worldpac products using our .csv bulk import process.  You will only receive basic instruction.  It is imperative that your web master has an understanding of how to generate and modify .csv files.

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